Messy Mom, Nicolle 

Hi, and welcome to Tales of a Messy Mom. I am Nicolle, the Messy Mom Taleteller, and this is my story  as a wife, vet-tech, and fur mom trying to make it through this crazy, messy, beautiful journey called motherhood.

Most people that know me have always thought I  have never wanted to have kids. Mainly because A. I didn’t show it. I was always super awkward holding babies, and frankly, I just never talked about it. And B. because  up until now my whole life has been devoted to and revolved around animals. Truth is, I’ve always wanted to have children. Becoming a mother has been a dream of mine.

Hubby and I dancing on ou wedding day

In 2015, my dream started to come true when I unexpectedly got pregnant. A week before my wedding day in fact. I remember it vividly. It was labor day, and I had decided to take a pregnancy test because I was getting car sick every single time I got in the car. Those three minutes waiting were the longest three minutes of my life. Then there they were, the two lines. We were pregnant. I walked out of the bathroom. My husband saw my face and asked “what’s wrong?” I just started bursting in tears full of nervousness, fear, excitement and joy. We definitely were not ready for a baby financially, but it was happening. I was becoming a mother. The best things in life seem to happen when you aren’t expecting them too. God gave us a wonderful wedding present that year.

My pregnancy was filled with ups and downs. First trimester I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had several trips to the perinatologist and endocrinologist. I also had the luxury of getting poked multiple times for blood draws throughout my pregnancy. After everything checked out, and my thyroid levels became stable I was able to get my pregnancy care through midwives, like I had originally planned. The second trimester was a breeze. Then week 30 came along.  My grandpa had just passed away, and I had to go to my 30 week appointment right before his funeral. My blood pressure was a tad high at that appointment, but I had explained about my grandpa to the mid-wife, and she did a simple okay, but let’s just re-check it again in two days. Turns out, I had multiple visits a week from there on out for my high blood pressure. I became a high-risk pregnancy, got transferred to the OBs, had several non-stress tests, ultra-sounds, and triage visits. I even got to stay in bed with bathroom breaks only for a whole month….

At 36 weeks my blood pressure was just too dangerously high, and I was induced. At 36 weeks, we got to meet our beautiful baby girl. Our lives haven’t been the same since. The following months were filled with sleepless nights, messes left unattended, nursing & pumping and nursing & pumping, returning to work, washing bottles, tears, night sweats, marital spats, LOADS of poopy diapers, and smiles & laughs. I would never trade the hard work of being a mom for anything. Our sweet baby girl has truly been a blessing from God.

Mom & Baby


Our family isn’t done growing, and we have many adventures to come. I’m happy your here, and hope you will enjoy this messy, crazy, & beautiful journey with us.


family holding hands