From One Messy Housed Mom to Another

Let's face it...Motherhood is just plain messy! But, managing a house is such a minute task compared to all of the other struggles that come with parenthood. Let's learn to embrace the mess and find some balance between a clean house, happy kids, and your sanity!


The kitchen sink is filled with dirty dishes. The dishwasher always seems to continuously remain full. There are baby and dog toys sprung throughout the house. There are dirty laundry piles and clean laundry piles everywhere. Seriously, there is laundry everywhere. There are two over flowing laundry baskets in our bedroom, one in the hallway, one in the kid’s room, and 4 in the basement. There is a clean pile of clothes in a recliner that may never make it to the dresser. There is a load going in the washer and dryer.  Not to mention all the random coats that never made it to the coat rack.

There is dog and cat hair on the furniture. The table is filled with mail. The high chair has crumbs in it that the dogs haven’t yet managed to find. The cat has knocked numerous items off the kitchen table and window sill. I can’t even remember the last time I dusted. My husband is the culprit of leaving cups everywhere. The bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, the cars. No wonder there’s never any cups when I open the kitchen cabinet. And then there is just the randomness. Like, where did this stuff even come from?

Does this all sound too familiar? Motherhood sure is something else isn’t it? It’s messy & crazy, but yet so beautiful. I wasn’t the tidiest person before I had a kid, but now that I’m a mom, a messy house is just inevitable. And the pets just add to the fact. I’m not going to lie, sometimes my mess of a house makes me want to scream and throw everything away. But managing a house is such a minute obstacle compared to all of the significant challenges and struggles that come with parenthood. I’ve come to learn that it’s all about finding balance between a clean house, happy children, and sanity.

Train toys falling out of a bag

There may be toys (or objects that have magically turned into toys) lying around everywhere, but I have a little curious creature wandering around. I’m happy knowing she’s not sitting in front of a screen all day.  I want to stimulate her senses and encourage self-directed play. I want her to explore and use her imagination. Kids learn through play. Let them play. Let them get messy. When you look at your kids’ messes, remember that there was learning going on. Remember that they weren’t bored. They were being active. They were creating memories. Be grateful that you are able to enrich your kid’s life.

The next time you get flustered over the heaping piles of laundry, remember you are able to put clothes on your child’s back. The next time you are about to have a meltdown over the amount of dirty dishes, remember that you provide your family with fresh, home-cooked meals. Remember that you’re time was spent providing for your children and enjoying time as a family. Cleaning may be a strong suit for some, but not for us messy mamas. And that’s okay. We all have our strengths.

The pets add to the mess in our home. There may be fur flying everywhere, but our pets are truly apart of our family. They offer a special kind of companionship. They provide comfort and encourage nurture. They help kids learn, stay active, and connect with nature. I am truly grateful that we are able to provide our daughter with an adventure buddy. The next time you’re vacuuming up all that fur, remember that your child is learning responsibility. Remember that that pet is one of your child’s first friends and will always hold a special place in their heart.

One day our children will be a little older, and we will come up with fun games for putting toys away. They will learn responsibility through chores, and we may even bond through washing dishes or folding the laundry. But for now, lets enjoy them while they’re little. They grow up too darn fast to not sit back and enjoy the show. One day, before you know, they’ll be moving out, and an empty room will replace that mess. You will miss that mess. That empty room will be much more difficult to look at.

Family holding hands

So, get out there. Find some balance, join in the mess & make some memories!

You’re doing great mama!

12 Replies to “From One Messy Housed Mom to Another”

  1. I’m always reminding myself motherhood is messy, I constantly find myself overwhelmed in piles of laundry, sink fulls of dishes I just did 2 hours ago and toys strung everywhere and then I remember to breathe and know they had fun, made memories, and are happy and healthy. Motherhood is a struggle if you let it, control it, find your center and remain calm momma it will be okay.

    1. Yes, it can be overwhelming at times! I usually get overwhelmed when I leave my house and then come back to my messy house! Breathing and remaining calm is great advice! Thanks for the kind words Ashlie!

  2. I LOVED reading this !!! It’s so important to find our balance and remember that someday those toys and messes won’t be there anymore… I love enjoying every moment with my kiddos… Mess and all 🙂

  3. You are so spot on. It’s important to remember why we are so fortunate to have a billion toys on the floor and clothes to wash.

  4. I love this post, I am most definitely a messy mom. Seriously, WHERE does all the laundry come from?? I thought I was the only one with clean piles that never made it to the closet, good to know I’m not alone!! Thanks for posting this mama!

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