To My 8 Month Old Baby Girl,


A touching letter to my 8 month baby girl.

Dear 8 month old baby girl,

As I sit here watching you play, I couldn’t be more amazed by the tiny human you are becoming. My oh my how you have grown. You change so much from month to month, week to week, and even day to day.

You are quite the little “talker” now. I love the way you babble and throw your arms up and down. You can say “mama,” but you only say it when you are really upset. I can’t believe how loud you can get. You really enjoying screaming…just for fun.

I love watching your face when you are trying really hard to figure something out, and I love the way you scrunch up your little nose and huff just like daddy showed you.

Sometimes I catch you in the corner reading to yourself. You are going to be quite the little smarty pants.

Baby reading a book

You’ve been working really hard at crawling & standing up these days, but still don’t have it completely down quite yet. You’ve also recently decided that solid food is actually pretty good. You sure do love those sweet potatoes.

You are in 12 month clothes and 21lbs! Quite the chunk, but it is oh so cute! Oh, I could kiss your cute chunky cheeks all day long. Your feet are little; just like mama’s. You have 2 bottom teeth and 1 top front tooth just popped through. Your hair is golden blonde in the sunlight, and is getting lighter.

I love the way you intently follow “your” dogs and cats and the way you scream and laugh in excitement just because “your” cat meowed.  If I could only hear one sound again in my life, it would be that precious little laugh of yours.

I love holding you in my arms after you’ve fallen asleep while nursing. I’m going to miss the days of you falling asleep attached to your mama. I just love looking into your beautiful eyes as you look up at me while nursing. However, you are a super distracted nursling most of the time these days, and you refuse to nap and fight it until you just can’t stay awake any longer. My, how this makes it tough for mama.

You like to be close to mom at all times these days, and even though it can be pretty overwhelming at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Because before you know it, in the blink of an eye, you will be all grown up.



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  1. It’s a treat to watch the kids. My son is 8 year old and I miss when he was a baby. Cherish every moment.
    loved the letter, she is gonna be very happy when she grows up and reads it.

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