Best Natural Baby Products of 2017

Do you have a precious little one on the way and want to give him the absolute best, most chemical-free life? Are you in search of all natural baby products that are 100% pure and toxin free?

You’re probably already scatterbrained with a new baby on the way and scanning the aisles at the store just leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Truth be told, it’s becoming harder and harder to find non-toxic products these days.  The shelves are now filled with products that were once pure, but now are not.

Burts Bees was bought out by Clorox, Babyganics by SC Johnson, and Toms by Colgate. Plus, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Honest company’s ‘toxic’ diaper scandal. These major corporations are taking over these “natural” companies and changing their most loved and trusted recipes making it more difficult to find the absolute best for your baby.

But choosing diapers, soap, and toothpaste for your baby shouldn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. You should be able to trust what you’re buying.

With the help of the EWG (Environmental Working Group) and the Think Dirty app, I have done the hard work for you and have found the purest baby products available today. In this post, I will reveal 11 of the best natural baby products of 2017, including diapers, wipes, sunscreen, toothpaste, body wash/shampoo, and more.

Babyganics was bought out by SC Johnson, Burts Bees by Clorox, and Toms by Colgate. It's harder than ever to find truly non-toxic baby products, as these huge corporations are buying out natural companies and chaning their most loved and trusted recipes. But, with the help of the EWG and Think Dirty app, this guide was compiled for the truly best natural baby products of 2017.

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Cloth Diapers and Cloth Wipes

Cloth diapers and wipes really are the way to go if you want to be kind to the environment and baby’s skin. Plus they are super cute and will save you money in the long run.  Getting started with cloth diapering  really isn’t that difficult. Sure there’s some new terminology to learn, but after the first few weeks, you’ll have cloth diapering down pat.

As for what kind of diapers to buy, every brand fits each baby different and fits baby different at different times as he/she grows. My personal favorite however are Best Bottoms. I would suggest buying a few different brands and figure out what you like best before buying your whole stash. Nicki’s Diapers and Diaper Junction are good sites to start at, and of course, you can always use Amazon.


Water Wipes and BAMBO Nature Disposable Diapers

If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep up with the cloth diaper laundry or simply just prefer the convenience of disposables, then water wipes and BAMBO Nature diapers are you’re best options. We cloth diaper in our house, but we do use both of these for emergency situations and for when we go camping.

Water wipes are the world’s purest baby wipes, and are 99.9% purified water with a little bit of grapefruit extract.  This brand was actually awarded by the National Eczema Association of America and was the 2017 Family’s Choice Award winner. These wipes are perfect for newborn’s delicate skin and for any sensitive skin baby.

As for disposable diapers, BAMBO nature is as pure and as clean as you will get. They are quite expensive, but definitely well worth it if you truly want to stick to non-toxic products.

Shea Moisture Baby Shampoo/Body Wash & Lotion

We went for months using mainly just warm water for baby’s baths. It was nice to have a gentle body wash for when baby had an explosive poop though. And now that we have a messy eater on our hands, we use soap at least once a week.

Shea Moisture Baby has certified organic, natural, and fair trade ingredients, and is sulfate and paraben free. Plus, it’s nice because you can usually find it at most Targets and Walgreens.

We’ve always went with the extra-mild fragrance free wash because our little one has sensitive skin just like her mama, but it does also come in a few other varieties.

Badger Baby Sunscreen

The first summer with babe, we didn’t even bother with sunscreen because she wasn’t even 6 months old yet. We mainly just head out early or stuck to the shade. However, this past summer was quite another story. We spent almost everyday at the splash pad, so finding a safe and effective sunscreen was a must.

We found Badger Baby Sunscreen in this process and have been very pleased with it so far.  It has an SPF of 30+ and it’s active ingredient is non-nano uncoated zinc oxide. However, because it’s natural there may be some separation, so you have to be sure to knead the tube before using. It can also leave a whitening effect because of the non-nano uncoated zinc oxide, but with a little extra rubbing in, it really isn’t too bad; It’s worth it compared to unnecessary harmful chemicals.

JACK N’ JILL Toothpaste

Finding a truly all-natural, non-toxic toothpaste was probably the most difficult for me. We were using Tom’s for the longest time, until we found it was bought out by Colgate and now contains carrageenan, which is a potential carcinogen.

I found out about Jack N’ Jill through a natural mom Facebook group and am so thankful. My little one absolutely loves this toothpaste; She will actually brush her teeth! #MOMWIN

This toothpaste is fluoride free, safe to swallow, and has calendula to soothe the gums. It comes in strawberry, blueberry, banana, raspberry, blackcurrant, and flavorless. Oh, and it ‘s also rated as one of the best baby toothpastes on the EWG website. 😉

Organic Cold Pressed Unrefined Coconut Oil

We use coconut oil for just about anything in our house, from cooking, to toothpaste, to rashes. For diaper creams, coconut oil is basically all we use. It’s even safe for cloth diapers. For really bad diaper rashes, we typically turn to Grandma El’s.

Coconut oil can also be used to help with your baby’s acne, cradle cap, and eczema. It even comes in handy during pregnancy, as it helps prevent stretch marks.

Organic Bamboo Washcloths

Washcloths don’t only come in handy for bathing your baby. A frozen washcloth is my top choice for soothing teething pain. It’s quick, inexpensive, and it actually works. Organic bamboo washcloths are super soft, so they won’t feel rough on your baby’s sore gums. Breastmilk popsicles and frozen fruit in a mesh feeder are also great ways to help soothe your teething baby.

Lifefactory Glass Bottles 

Lifefactory glass bottles are my absolute favorite. They’re also some of the only glass bottles that I’ve come across in the past few years. You may be wondering “won’t they break?” My little girl has dropped these numerous times, and all 4 of ours are still in tact.

Each bottle comes with a silicone sleeve with non-slip gripping surface, so your baby can easily hold it, and all the materials are BPA/BPS and phthalate free. Plus, you can put it straight in the dishwasher saving you precious mom time.

Another nice thing about these bottles, is that they are compatible with most major breast pumps. I was able to use these with my Medela Pump N Style. Bottles hooked on right on to the pump, so no extra transferring was necessary.

Goat Milk Formula 

Breastfeeding is the most ideal choice, but sometimes this just isn’t an option, whether it be due to glandular tissue abnormalities, medical issues, or certain medications. The next best things are donor breastmilk or organic infant formula. If you are interested in finding donor breastmilk, Human Milk 4 Human Babies is a good place to start.

If you don’t feel comfortable using donor breastmilk, goat’s milk formula is a good option, as in terms of protein structure, it’s actually the closest mammalian milk to human milk. Plus, it is more easily digestible and less allergenic than cow’s milk (source).

Holle’s goat milk formula is actually the only one that is officially organic. However, it’s a European company that doesn’t import into the U.S., so it can be difficult to purchase. Nanny Care is sourced from New Zealand, and even though it’s not certified organic, the goats are mostly pasture fed and raised without the use of hormones. They also forgo concerning preservatives and most synthetic nutrients.  In their line, they have a first infant milk, a follow on milk, and a growing up milk.

If your baby is happy and healthy on a cow’s milk formula, there is probably no need to switch formulas. It is always best to consult your doctor/pediatrician on what you should feed your baby.

NoseFrida Snot Sucker 

Having a congested baby is no fun, but it can be more manageable with the right tools. You can say goodbye to boogies and snot with the NoseFrida Snot Sucker. I know it sounds kind of gross, but it works wonders, and don’t worry you don’t get any snot in your mouth. 😉

Run a hot shower to steam up the bathroom and sit with your baby in there for about 5 minutes to loosen everything up and then suck all the snot out with the NoseFrida. It’s a good idea to keep extra filter cartridges on hand as well as you never know when you’ll need them.

You’re On Your Way to Toxin-Free

If you’re not thrilled with the store bought  brands you’re finding and want to get the best all-natural products for your baby, then this guide will make your shopping much simpler and will help you and your family live a toxin free life. I have laid out the best natural baby brands for diapers, wipes, body wash/shampoo, sunscreen, toothpaste, diaper cream, formula and teething & congestion remedies.

Still in search of natural baby products? The EWG (Environmental Working Group) and Think Dirty app are awesome tools to help you find other non-toxic brands.

What About You? 

Did you find this guide helpful? Share your favorite natural baby products with us in the comments, and be sure to share this post with all of your natural mama friends.


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  1. EWG is definitely a great resource! I use several of these products too. I love Water Wipes, Jack n’ Jill toothpaste, and Life Factory bottles. Have you heard of Tubby Todd? I highly recommend their products!

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