Baby Necessities; What You Actually Need for Your New Baby

Shopping for your baby and creating a baby registry can be so overwhelming. There are SO many products and brands out there; How do you know which ones to choose and what do you ACTUALLY need? During my first pregnancy, my husband and I lived in such a tiny house, and we were on a super tight budget, so figuring out what was actually necessary for baby was crucial. Here is the 411 on what we actually used during the first three months of baby’s life.

Creating a baby registry can be so overwhelming. There are SO many products and brands out there; How do you know what you actually need? Don't waste your money and fill your house up with all those extras. Here is what you actually need for your new baby.

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Baby will need…..

A Safe Place to Sleep

Whether you decide to use a crib, bassinet, co-sleeper, or bed-share, just be sure that baby’s sleeping environment is safe.

Diapers and Wipes 

You will need a few extra things if you decide to use cloth diapers (which I highly recommend if you’re looking to save as much money as you can!). Click here to learn more about cloth diapers and get your FREE cloth diaper checklist.

Feeding Supplies

Whether that’s your boob or a bottle; breastmilk or formula. If you are planning on breastfeeding, be sure to check out the 7 Essentials for Breastfeeding Success!

Car Seat

Install your car seat and have it inspected by a certified car seat technician before baby comes.  Here is a great source for reviewing and comparing car seats, and here is a source for helping you find a car seat technician.


Onesies, Sleepers, Hats, Mittens, Socks, Pants, and Sweaters (depending on the season).

Burp Cloths

Prefolds actually work great and are much cheaper than regular burp cloths! They are super absorbent. You could also just cut up some old towels or T-shirts.

Baby Care Kit

Choose a kit that includes nail clippers and filer (those little nails grow fast!), hair brush, and thermometer. You probably wont use everything that comes in a kit, but it’s still much cheaper than buying everything separately. I personally like this kit:

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Nose Frida + Extra Filter Cartridges

Let’s be real, those bulb syringes don’t do anything for a congested baby. The Nose Frida sucks the snot right out! It may sound gross, but I promise you, it works!

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A Place to Bath Baby

You’ll need a place to bath baby, whether that’s a bath seat in the tub or a baby tub. You’ll be doing sponge baths until the umbilicus falls off, but after that you want a place to bath baby that will support her head and prevent her from sliding into the water. We used this bath seat, and it worked great for us.

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Baby Shampoo

Be sure it’s tear-free, and the shorter the amount of ingredients the better!

A Place to Put Baby Down

Because you may want to eat and take a shower occasionally! I personally loved our Bouncer chair, and so did baby. 🙂 It was the perfect fit for our tiny bathroom when I wanted to shower.

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Baby Carrier (optional)

A carrier isn’t necessarily essential, but it certainly was necessary for us, and it will be for you if your baby likes to be held and you want to get well….anything done. We love our Tula! The hubby even wears it! Sometimes it was the only way we could get little one down for a nap or bed, and it definitely stopped random strangers from touching our baby at the store. Why do people think it’s okay to just touch some random person’s baby? Seriously. I digress…

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I hope this list helped you figure out what you actually need for baby and that it saves your house some space and your wallet some money!


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14 Replies to “Baby Necessities; What You Actually Need for Your New Baby”

  1. very good, basic list. I think Moms need to think hard about the different situations that will arise, to help them figure out exactly what they need

  2. This is a really great, condensed list. I have a longer, registry review on my site, but I love that these are just the bare necessities.
    There are sooo many baby products on the market now, but a baby doesn’t actually NEED all that much.
    The baby care kit had somethings in it that we don’t use at all, but it was easier and cheaper than buying the things that we use all the time – nail clippers, comb, thermometer…

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. What a specific and so-helpful list! I would have looooved something like this back when I had my babies, but: A) blogs, the Internet, and computers weren’t invented yet, B) YOU weren’t invented yet, and C) most of the stuff you suggest wasn’t invented yet! Well, we *did* have cloth diapers (our only choice!), clothes (not nearly as cute as what they have today!), and boobs. 😉

    Yes, I’m ancient, (64), but I’m going to post this on Facebook anyway because I know lots of people who DO have babies, and even a few who are pregnant with their first!!! They will LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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