After the Birth. What They Don’t Tell You; A Look into My Postpartum Journey

You took the childbirth classes and read all the pregnancy books. You have your birth plan written up and the nursery is all set up and ready for your new baby.But have you looked into what will go on with you and your body during your postpartum journey?

I really didn’t, and I wish I would have. I spent so much time researching and preparing for the actual birth and for how to care for baby, that what would go on with me postpartum never really ever crossed my mind. And it turns out, they don’t cover it in most childbirth classes either.

Things happened postpartum that I never would have imagined; Most of them, not so pleasant. Here are 8 postpartum secrets that no one tells you about and a little insight to my postpartum journey.

8 not-so-pleasant postpartum secrets that no one tells you about.

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1.) Your hair may fall out (and not just from your baby pulling on it all the time). It may start to fall out at 1 month postpartum or maybe not until 7 months postpartum.

2.) Your first time “back in the sack” might be the most frightening time besides your very first time. Even if you get the “okay” at your 6 week checkup, it may not be for AWHILE after that when you are actually ready for it emotionally. Turns out, breastfeeding kills your sex drive. Your husband may not understand this at first, and he might take it personally. Try to prepare him through daddy baby books, classes, and support groups.

3.) You’re going to have the longest “period” of your life after giving brith. Are you enjoying those 9 months without aunt ruby? Soak it in because you’re about to bleed for a month straight. Fun right? :/

4.) If you breastfeed, you’re actual period may not return for quite some time. Some women don’t get their period until baby is fully weaned, while other women aren’t so lucky and it returns within the first few months. Mine returned at 10 months postpartum while baby was still breastfeeding.

By the way, just because you’re breastfeeding and not having a period, doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. Do not rely on breastfeeding as a form of contraception.

5.) You may wake up multiple times a night for months sweating balls. I thought menopause was the only time you got hot flashes; guess not. Your husband will probably think you’re crazy having him change the thermostat a million times.

6.) You may have craved too much calcium throughout pregnancy, and now your body is left over with the excess and you get the luxury of winding up back in the hospital with kidney stones.

I will definitely take the pain of child birth again over kidney stones. At least with child birth, you get breaks in between contractions. With kidney stones, it’s just constant, excruciating pain. Not fun.

7.) If you thought the swelling was bad during pregnancy, just wait. A few days after birth, all that retained water you collected during pregnancy will start to migrate down to your legs and feet. Now you really won’t be able to get your shoes on.

8.) I never knew going to the bathroom could be such a difficult, painful task. It may take you hours until you are finally able to pee after giving birth. Load up on a good, preferably natural, stool softener, because guess what; It’s extremely difficult to poop too.


Everyone’s postpartum journey is different, and some of these things may not ever happen to you. But I hope these 8 secrets of my postpartum journey will help you be more prepared for yours.

What About You?

Are you prepared for your postpartum journey? Comment below and share a postpartum secret that no one told you about. Share this post with your expecting mama friends.


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16 Replies to “After the Birth. What They Don’t Tell You; A Look into My Postpartum Journey”

  1. I loved the post. For me Postpartum was really difficult in first child and in second one it was fun. I use to see my daughter and time went happily.

    1. Im glad you’re second time around was much easier. Probably helps a lot with having to care for two little ones. I hope my next postpartum experience is easier like yours was.

  2. Great list! Something that all of the first time pregnant mama-to-be’s out there could definitely learn from. “Bleeding the blood of a thousand periods”, as I like to call it, is always a fun time after birthing babies. 😉

  3. Great post! I’m 5 months postpartum and definately agree with your list! I never knew breastfeeding reduces sex drive! Makes ALOT of sense now..
    I found my back really hurt postpartum due to no baby to carry, so definately worth using the support belts during pregnancy and even after.. and milk doesn’t come in till a few days after and can be very difficult especially when you know your baby is really hungry.. it totally stressed me out till my milk came in.

    1. Good point on adding that your milk doesn’t come in for a few days. I think mine came in on day 4, but for some women it doesn’t come in until day 6 or 7 even. It can be a stressful time, and that’s why counting wet and dirty diapers is SO important.

  4. Thanks for the warnings! My first is due in November. I think the more I read about what could possibly happen, the better I’ll be able to handle what comes up. At least I’ll be mentally prepared!

    1. Yes, everyone’s postpartum experience is different, but being prepared as you possibly can will definitely help. Wishing you a safe delivery. You’ll get to meet your little soon!

  5. Yes to all of these! I was about as prepared as anyone could be, but some of these still surprised me. Thank goodness I have a lot of hair, because I shed so much every day. Still.

    Also, be prepared for your emotions to go haywire! I cried if someone just looked at me wrong. 😭

  6. you’re right-everyones postpartum phase is different. I didn’t experience most of these. I never lost hair, has a good sex drive, but I bled until my six week appt when they put the nexplanon chip in. Then my periods went very regular, for a little while. This is really resourceful info, because we need to make postpartum just as talked about as everything else

  7. I would say for me, the cracked nipples and pain breastfeeding was something I wish I could have prepared for! That first week was rough! Thank the lord for lanolin!😀I totally agree with #2! I tore during delivery so 6 weeks was not long enough for me to recover and it hurt for a while!

    1. Oh yes, the initial breastfeeding pains of breastfeeding is rough! I also tore during delivery, which just reminds me of the burning pain while peeing. Wait 6 weeks they say….I’ll wait just a few more months…LOL

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